Get out of debt

A few years back The Lord said to me: “get out of debt”.  I took this literally and began looking at ways to pay off all my loans and debts I had, naturally speaking.

He did indeed get me out of debt however now that I reflect back on this word, I believe the Spirit of God was saying something more than this.  I believe what He was saying, in another way, was “repent”.

You see, when we don’t repent we are carrying a debt, being the cost of our sins.

Our sins are like debt that needs to be paid off.  But we can’t pay it off ourselves, we need someone with a higher authority to clear out that debt.

And this is exactly what Jesus did on the cross.  He took your debt and my debt and paid the price for it. But we have to hand that debt over to Him, to repent – that is, to “think again” and turn from our old ways into Jesus to receive forgiveness of sins and the wiping out of our debts.

So – will you allow Jesus to pay off your debt this day?

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