Wild at heart weekend (John Eldridge)

Story of the tallents.  The issue is the 3rd guy didn’t like or trust that master, and that’s why he was cast in to outer darkness. The inaction or inability to RISK anything

Your actions will speak louder than your words.

God will change the story on us to develop us.  Look at all the leading men in the bible, none had a “safe” comfortable time.

Little boys need 2 things:
1) to know they are loved
2) validation that they are a man

The whole thing is a battle for the heart.  Who am I going to serve with my thoughts and actions?  Who am I going to agree with?  God just wants us to trust Him and fellowship with Him.

Desire is where the action is.  Paralized man at the river, Jesus asks him if he wants to be healed. It’s about the desire.

At the fall, it’s significant that they covered themselves – they didn’t want to be seen for who they really were.  Also, passivity of men at this point.  “Do I have what it takes?”.  We pose and hide behind things to become a false self.

When you meet a man you aren’t meeting the real thing – you are meeting a man in hiding.  We put our fig leaf forward because we don’t want to get hurt, or exposed etc to the real you.  “Do I have what it takes” – this is what drives the construction of the fig leag.  It’s a search for validation.  Ultimate fear for men is failure.

Inside every posing man is a wounded boy.

God disrupts the posing man (eg stop achieving at work etc) in order to bring him back and heal him.

The enemy knows our weaknesses.  He tailor makes things.  What he is looking for is an agreement that we accept it as our own.  Once accepted, this is the filter we see the world through.

Look for the agreement behind bad fruit.

Agreements to break
–  I can’t trust anyone
– People just let you down
– If it is to be it’s up to me
– I am not normal
– I can’t relate to people because i cant talk “rubbish”
– I won’t have enough
– I can’t trust God
– I might have committed a sin which will block Him from being able to help me and I’ll be left high and dry
-That I can’t fully trust Jesus because I will sabotage His power and be left in a bad place.
– That I will walk outside the plumbline and be exposed to the enemys work and therefore if I walk in faith it will be misplaced and I’ll be in trouble

What makes me come alive?
– relationships
– fixing things
– technology
– creating things / inventing things

Tips on hearing from God:
1) Ask simple questions (not urgent questions) – pressure kills everything it touches.  Ask simple questions without urgency and drama, and give Him time to answer.  Answers can be in the moment, a scripture, through someone, a truck, still small voice etc.
2) Surrender (an issue of the heart), where you are willing to hear “NO”.  “I am willing to hear anything you want to hear me”.  It’s often harder to hear the good things. “You can say yes or no, I surrender to you”.
3) Ask the next question.  “Can I change careers” – yes!  “When?” – 2 years. Etc

On big stuff, GET CONFIRMATION!!!  Test the spirits.

Busyness is your enemy.  Fight it – something has to go – what is it?  It’s hard to find God in the busyness.  Where you find your heart, you’ll find God – what is it that makes you come alive.

Religion is your enemy.

Do not rush the field – walk with God and get your instructions from God.  Get confirmation.

It can get worse before it gets better, but it will get better:
– fight it
– resist it
– pray it

Do not walk alone.  Satans plan is to divide and conquor.  You need a few men and women for the journey.  Jesus had the 3 and the 12.  You must have at least a few people who want what you want – life!!  John Eldridge doesn’t eg travel alone as there are too many temptations out there.