Root cause of sin struggle revealed

Current struggle root cause that has been revealed:  The human heart is extremely deceptive. (Jer 17:9).  It plots things and sets me up, and I believe it!

At times I know it’s lying to me, but I want to believe it (so I don’t have to take responsibility?), and that’s part of the problem.  Part of me still likes sin and strives to find ways to get it.

There is also a lie that says something like, “God can not sustain me.”  I walk with God but then seem to run out of steam.

The other lie is that God has given me more than I can bear, and that they only way out is to sin.

The enemy is within

The greatest battle I face, the biggest threat to me is not the deceptions of the world (although these are very real, and something to watch out for).  No, the biggest threat to me is MYSELF, and the deceptions of my own heart.

I am SHOCKED at just how much my heart lies to me.

Yes, my very own heart tells me lies, and sets me up to sin!  Sometimes I do know that these are lies, but I think to myself “there’s nothing wrong with that” – and on the surface, there is nothing wrong with what my heart is telling me.  But my heart knows that if it can get me into just the right situation, or just the right circumstance, then I am more likely to sin in that area.

The enemy is within.  Ask God to show you “what is in my heart?”, for if He hadn’t revealed this to me, I would have been completely deceived by my own heart.

Jer 17:9 “The heart is more deceitful than all else And is desperately sick; Who can
understand it?”