Completing Salvation – finishing the race

God has been showing me something about salvation.  If you have ready any of my previous blog posts, you’ll see that I have already covered the 3 tenses of salvation (you are saved, you are being saved and you will be saved) – but what does that look like practically?

So here are the steps to genuine salvation:

  1. Repent and believe (have faith in Jesus)
  2. Get Baptised (in water)
  3. Be filled with the Holy Spirit

Acts 2:38

So now we have a choice for the first time.  We are longer slaves to sin, and no longer under the law.  We have a new nature, we have become a new creation!  So we now live out of the new desires of the new nature, and not the old nature.  (Not by the law, but by the Spirit through our new nature).

Step 4 then is to start living the new life out, putting off the old nature.

But here’s the revelation I got.  The kingdom starts as the smallest of seeds (Matt 13:31-32).  So at first, it’s like nothing much has changed.  All the old temptations come back, and it seems like the euphoria of the baptism experience was just a one off event.  But no – there is a small seed of the new life inside of you, that will grow – as it is watered, and as God grows it.  And as this grows – genuinely, your desires change to WANT to do the right thing, to want to live God’s way!  Til eventually there is full freedom from sin!  Amen.

These guys sum it up well in some detail here.  Enjoy.

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