Who is Jesus, and why do I need Him?

It’s Christmas day, and although it’s an obvious time to be writing a blog specifically about who Jesus is (since we are celebrating His birthday), I had a burden on my heart to share to those who don’t know who He is.

I’m just going to bullet point this to make it simple:

  • You are more than your body and soul – you are actually a spirit being who lives inside of a body (that has a soul).
  • You are an eternal being regardless of whether or not you believe in Jesus.  The matter is simply where you will spend eternity.*
  • At birth, we are born cut off from the source of life, who is God.  (And Jesus is God, who came to earth in human form).
  • Your spirit man was cut off from God, because of sin (“the fall”, Adam & Eve), and thus, you were disconnected from the source of life.
  • We have all sinned (done wrong) against God, and need Jesus sacrifice on the cross at Calvary to restore us back into a relationship with God – to restore our connection to the source of life.
  • All of us are in a search for this connection back to the source of life.  We do it instinctively.  Some try to find life through money, possessions, social media, sex, sports etc.  (NB: there’s nothing wrong with the proper use of these things, but they do not contain life in themselves).
  • You may not realise it, but you should actually feel more alive than you currently do, because if you are not “born again”, you are disconnected from the source of life – Jesus (who is God).
  • You need Jesus to enable you to be “born again”, where your spirit comes alive again and is connect to God – and you have the ability to receive life again.
  • Jesus gives life, and life to the full.  He is the most wonderful person I know (in spirit, and by His Word).  Although I can’t see him with my eyes, I see the effects of what He has done and is doing in me, and I also experience Him inside of me.  He is tangible, and when I’m in His presence, it’s like a summer breeze blowing inside of me, or rivers of living water in my chest, or just this unexplainable feeling that everything is good.)
  • If we come to Jesus and ask Him to forgive us our sins, He will do that, and we will be restored into a relationship with Him.  We can then learn more about Him, and become born again.

There’s lots more to explain about all of this, but I just wanted to come at this from a different angle for those who don’t get it.

I cannot understand why ANYONE would not want Jesus in their life.  The only reason I can think of is that most people don’t understand who He is.

So let me finish by saying this.  Why wouldn’t you want life and life to the full?  It will cost you everything of your old life, but in exchange you get a new life.  Call out to Jesus with all your heart and He will answer.  And when He does, He will show you the next steps.

Here’a a short sentence you can say to God if you don’t know how to initiate: “Jesus, I want to know that you are real.  I want to be reconnected to the source of life.  I’m sorry for the sins I’ve committed against you and I want your help to change my mind about those things and your grace to overcome them.  I want life.  I want to follow you.  I want to be born again.  Amen.”

*Your spirit (the real you) and soul, will either go to Heaven or Hell, depending on whether or not you are born again.  To be born again is to have your spirit connected back to the source of life, and you have surrendered your life to Jesus, who will then lead you.  (The default is Hell for all who are not born again).  Hell is simply your existence separated from God, who is the source of life.  Hell is not a place you want to go.

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