3 dreams. Sexual Spirits, Persecution, Manna from heaven.

Today I felt God say to spend some time with Him, so I did.  And during this time I received 3 things:

1. A sense that the enemy has released lots and lots of sexual spirits across the world, so that we might be seduced into a false intimacy with them.  Real intimacy is with Jesus, but this false intimacy plays on our flesh, and it’s very easy to want this when offered, instead of the real thing.

2. I was with a bunch of fellow believers, and it felt like the tide had turned against Christians in general.  Like the favour we used to have was lifted, as far as non believers go.  They weren’t killing us or anything, but they didn’t like us.

3. In the final vision, I was staying in a kind of dormitory type place with lots of other believers, and I went outside and it started raining.  But instead of it being water, it was this light fluffy corn type thing that you could eat!  I opened my mouth and some just floated in there.  (I don’t recall a taste, but it was defiantly edible).  At first when I saw it, i thought “is this a plague?”, but then I realised it was something like Manna.