3 simple steps for the Church to shine as the Bride of Christ

Today I received a revelation.  In this revelation, I believe Jesus showed me 3 simple steps in which His Bride (the Church) will really shine, if she would just start practising these things.

1. Faith and trust in God.  Faith that despite our trying (and so often failing) to overcome, He will complete the work He started in me.  That I WILL finish the race despite all my failings in trying to apply the Word of God to my life.

This removes all striving and condemnation of ourselves and others.  We are saved by Grace through Faith, and although this certainly means we shouldn’t just accept the things that are not right in our life – we should fight them – there will be things in our life that only God can free us from, despite how much we try to apply His Word to the problem.  (2 Tim 2:25-26).  And He will set us free at the right time.

2. How to know what to do?  What am I to do with my life?  Well, we are to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (be transformed by the renewing of our minds Rom 12:1-2), and go about our business as best we know how based on the Word of God, and here is the key – listen to God’s voice and be yielded to that.  What has the Spirit of God asked you to do?  If every believer just obeyed what the Spirit asked them to do, then the body of Christ would start functioning properly and become healthy!

3. Acceptance of our different roles.  Accept that there are different functions within the body.

“Yes, but that loud Pentecostal church down the road is just a flashy light show – a lukewarm bunch of weak Christians who don’t take the Word seriously” – No!  This is the front door to the church for a lot of those living in the world who have never heard the message!

“But what good are those monks who lock themselves away and never tell one other person the message of the gospel.  What a waste of time!” No!  How do you know what effect their intercession has had for the body of Christ?

“And what about that weird church who cast out demons from people.  They are so over the top!”.  No!  They minister deep healing to those who have deep spiritual issues.

There are MANY functions and roles within the Church, and the sooner the church wakes up to these realities, then she will finally shine as the bride of CHRIST!

Jesus you are GREAT oh LORD!  May I live my life to serve you!