Jesus is coming to judge the bad shepherds

I felt God say – “Jeremiah 23. I want to show you something.”

I think God is gathering His remnant and is about to judge the Shepherds who have not done their job.

He also gave me Isaiah 56 (see verse 10-12).

God is about to judge the bad shepherds, and is raising up His remnant now.

Then He gave me Isaiah 63  (See verse 5).

The bar is being raised…

As time progresses into the very last days, it seems that God’s “standard” is actually getting “higher”.

If you look at Gods judgment on people in the old testament, He was in some ways more distant from the people as He worked through prophets and priests almost exclusively.

But now we all have access to the holy if holies and God’s desire is to dwell in all of us and to gather His bride for marriage.

Therefore because of Holy Spirit and Jesus work on the cross we have the ability to overcome the enemy more than at any time in the old testament.

This means that what was accepted by God in the past may not be accepted in the future as He prepares to return for the spotless bride.

So if we are staying still then we are going backwards because the mark is moving higher ever day through until His glorious return.

(This doesn’t mean we need to strive for perfection in ourselves but rather press into what the Spirit is doing in each of us).

This is also why we will see Him manifest His glory and presence like never before, because He will be dwelling in clean temples.