What will it take for the West to know Jesus?

In realising the huge contrast between Africa – whose people seem to understand spirtual matters (although, not all good), but don’t seem to know how to use the resources God has given them to provide and care for their people naturally – and the West, which seems to understand natural matters very well (i.e. how to manage natural resources to produce a result), but fail to acknowledge anything other than what can be seen with natural eyes – I asked God how the West could become more spiritual – to understand God – rather than just human logic, and He said “They need to lay down their earthly crowns and then they will find Me”.  Then He gave 1 Cor 2: 6-16 – (God’s Wisdon Revealed by the Spirit.)

Romans 8. We are limited if we operate in the natural. If we operate in the spirit we are unlimited through Holy Spirit.

God again reiterated to me – the way the west is going to experience and start moving in the spirit is to lay down the earthly crowns.

John Bevere teaches that there is no power without sacrifice (Bait of Satan).

Also consider:
– when Jesus sent them out in 2s He told them to take nothing with them
– silver and gold I have none but I give you what I do have
– Paul
– The Acts church had great spiritual power and gifts and increased greatly (they layed down their earthly crowns)
– Why is it that Gods Spirit seems to move in disasters? Because there is trust (out of desperation)
– They have a form of godliness but are missing it’s power (2Tim3:5)
– We must decrease so that He may increase

Challenge for the church: what are you holding on to that is your “plan b”?  What is God asking you to lay down.  Lay down your Earthly treasures and I will pour out my spirit in you.  This is the 3rd thing I am telling the church.

Do it voluntarily now so that when trials come you will not be shaken beyond what you can handle.

Prophecy (not from me, but from a friend of mine): God is gathering His vessels now and training them. He is about to pour out His Spirit. The level at which they are filled will determine at what level we can operate in later.

Do not delay in seeking Him.  He will reveal Himself and fill you with His Spirit to give you the strength to do the work He has called you to do.

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