The Father

Even Jesus said He was nothing without the Father.  Therefore, I am nothing without Jesus and the Father.

Key understanding: 1 Cor 15.  Work at your faith (put in effort like Paul) but put your reliance in Jesus and God our Father.  Have the absolute knowing that God will fix you up and sanctify you.  Focus on Him.  Less on me and more on Him even where it appears to be for the right reasons.

4 things

1. Write down the word that God has given.  Be obedient to what God is saying.  When God speaks to you, step into it.  Job 32:18-19

2. When you step out you will experience certain uncertainty.  By faith I believe you have spoken.  Even though I am not quite sure I am going to do what you say.  Step into it!! Don’t freeze – look at Christ and step in to it.  1. Cor 5:9

3. Predictable resistance.  There also is when you go to obey God.  “If you blame yourself for the decline, you’ll be tempted to take credit for the increase.”

4. Uncommon committment.  My life is not my own.  We are not our own.  When ever you step out in faith your spiritual enemy is going to say you can’t go there.  If it’s from God you WILL be able to do it even if it appears it’s impossible.

Work pressure

I had a very pressured event at work happen, and I asked God what he thought of my handling of it and He said: “I don’t like your response”.

I need to seek some guidance on how to balance absolute pressure with a respectful and godly approach to fixing it, when it feels like everything is wrong that is behind the problem, and those things were my responsibilty.

God revealed to me that He wants me to be pure to honour Him – not for me.