Translation problems!

Revelation that a lot of the deception in today church is due to translation and the inability to convey cultural meanings of the day.

*Saved = from root word sozo which means healed and saved.
*Believe means to not only believe but also to obey.
*Hope in the bible meant a confident expectation (John Bevere, Drawing near disk 5 chapter 3) not a “well I hope it happens”.
*Comfort = com forte which means “with¬† strength”.
*Love – agape unconditional self sacrificing love, afelio = brotherly love.
*Zowy = life as God has it.
*Holy means a cut above and not only pure. (John Bevere).
*Grace – it’s not the big cover up. The Strongs “charise” – the devine influence upon¬† the heart with it’s reflection in the life. In the last days men will have a form of Godliness but deny it’s power – the bit that changes us! (Paul I think). Grace gives us the ability to serve God acceptably.

All of those words don’t mean that in today church!