Hillsong Conference 2008 (notes from a sermon)

Joseph Prince The last days will be dark so that the light will shine and all can see.

Casey treat.  Do I want Gods stuff or do I want Him?  God rewards those who dillegently seek after Him. Hebrews 6.

What is it that I seek after? What is important and valuable to me.

What you pursue defines your life.

God wants to see how badly I really want it. Even if you are tired you still need to pursue. It could be multiples of years.

How you feel doesn’t change what you are pursuing!!!

James 4:7 – submit to God and the devil will flee. Draw near to me and I’ll draw near to you.

Paul – laboured more than the other apostles for God. There is work required on our behalf.

The following show our pursuit for God:
– Prayer life.  Not just programs but quality. Do you spend 4 hours on tv then 2 verses of the Bible.
– Praise life. Not just at church.
– Meditation on His Word.
– Our focus on His vision for our lives
– Praying in the Holy Spirit

Matt 7. Ask and it will be given. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened unto open. Why do i need to do all of these things when only one should do it? Gods is seeing how much you really want it.

Faith that believes it and sees it and never gives up.

1 Daniel 7.  Even David was harrased by the Devil and had to dilligently pursue the Lord.

Why the pusiit?
– energizes your vision and desire
– stires our creativeness
– focussed on a specific purpose.

Be dillogent until you obtain it – purpose driven (not circumstance driven).